Public lighting - LED is a Light emitting diode
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21st October 2011 - 2:34 - jirik Current

21st October 2011 - 2:34 - jirik
Currently, the market is a huge amount of LED lights , lamps and lanterns for different purposes with very diverse quality. Virtually all products that use LED promise lifetime 50,000 hours or more , high light efficiency and other great features . The use of LEDs , these properties does not automatically guarantee . Much depends on the luminaire design , materials used and quality of the LED itself .
Below publish an article that sent me budo working in the Czech branch of the Spanish manufacturer Indal LED lighting . Article faces diverse quality LED lights for street lighting and nicely summarizes the basic principles that should follow quality LED lights to use them truly meaningful .
Street Middlesbrough in the English left incandescent high-pressure sodium lamps and right after changing modern LED lighting.
With the technical development and improvement of the efficiency of LED sources are expanding their use in many different industries and applications. Somewhere LED brings revolutionary change entire industries. As energy and maintenance saving lamp completely changes the issue of outdoor and public lighting. As in other fields , here it is necessary to achieve long-term performance and energy advantages comply with certain rules . And here it is necessary to be wary . Not every manufacturer of LED lighting is able to comply with this rule . Some manufacturers use low quality LED chips or produce their product concept and system experiment - a mistake. Such then make LED luminaires bad name and professionals to inspire distrust of LED technology . On the one hand, argue energy savings and 100,000 hour life . On the other hand, can not construct a fixture primarily intended for the use of LED light source. Unlike reputable manufacturers do not provide for their lighting fixtures no long-term functionality . In some Czech towns so we can see the contradictory attempts to use LED lighting in public . In such luminaires directly from the nature of their design and the materials used are inconsistent chance of long-term viable operation . The plastic body of conventional fixtures rounded shapes fitted sheet with LEDs and so unprofessional solutions to informed consumers at first glance , they express not the way !
In addition to the efficient distribution of light is LED sources at the crucial issue of efficient cooling. The most important features of LED lights can be summarized as follows :
Using the best LED chips from a reputable primary producers such as Cree , Lumileds .
Essentially passively cool ! Active cooling fan is a potential point of failure and increases energy consumption.
The housing made ​​of thermally conductive material for superior passive cooling - ideally aluminum.
Slim shape lamps with large flat - again because of passive cooling.
Self-cleaning shape - smooth upper part of the lamp is a tendency for natural cooling lotion upper surface rainwater. It allows automatic cleaning bird droppings , dust and other undesirable layers restrictive efficient cooling fixture.
Up LED chip low amperage - ensure greater efficiency in terms of luminous efficacy (lm / W ) and a long service life.
Each LED equipped with special optics developed with regard to the final desired light distribution ( photometric parameters) and the degree of protection of IP and IK .
The manufacturer must be able to communicate technical information, including photometry.
Compliance with these requirements provides the user with real quality and efficient LED luminaire for outdoor lighting. However, this is preceded by a long-term vision , considerable investment in the development and testing in special laboratories. On the other hand, then a reputable manufacturer to the user for such luminaires provides up to 20 -year low , guaranteeing the user a real long-term benefits and significant savings in total cost of ownership , operation and maintenance.
The most common myth that LED technology is not yet proven , based on mere ignorance. The practical visible -spectrum LED was developed by Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1962. Since then it has been widely used and has not changed fundamentally . In recent years, only to achieve higher efficiency LED technology due to the increasing purity of the production environment , the materials , miniaturization and precise manufacturing processes of primary producers LED chips.
Finally, it may be noted that the use of LED technology in public lighting systems not belong to the plane of the test and measurement tested, measured under the so-called pilot projects. In the event that the manufacture lamps comply with the necessary rules and the manufacturer provides adequate low , just take install a light . Smart and hardworking people in many cities of Europe and the Czech Republic already know that LED public lighting is long overdue present , not the future.