4 Steps For Choosing The Best Auto LED Interior Lights
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LED is the future of interior commercial

LED is the future of interior commercial lighting. Whether you are looking to make a home or a business brighter and better illuminated, making the right choices for your needs is crucial. There are many different areas of a structure’s interior that traditionally fall victim to poor lighting, and here we will examine how to choose the right auto LED interior lights for your needs. From overhead lighting to shelves, hallways, and more, we will look at the options that are available and what they can do to help improve overall lighting quality.

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Step 1: You need to count how many lights you need to replace with the LED bulbs.

Take 2010 Cadillac Escalade for example, there are two front seat map reading lights, 2 second row dome lights and 2 third row cargo area lights plus 2 front side door courtesy lights. For many other cars, you should also crouch down and check under the front driver seat and passenger seat for under dash foot area lights.

Step 2: After figuring out how many lights are there, you need to find out each individual light's bulb size. You can either check the famous Osram Bulb Fitment Guide or simply explorer it yourself.

If you decide to use the Osram Guide, simply type Osram Bulb Guide in Big G and follow its step by step guide by entering the vehicle year, model and find out the bulb size. Or for a more DIY spirit, you can use a small flat screw driver, pop up each light's cover and get the bulb size yourself.

Step 3: It is time to figure out which color suites the better.

For interior lights on the roof such as map lights, dome lights or cargo area lights, I personally think the Xenon White color will be better, because occasionally you do need them to read something. Beside map or dome lights, you can choose any other colors such as Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red or Lime Green.

Step 4: It's time to choose the LED bulbs; I will recommend you guys the latest LED lights with Surface Mounting Technology also known as SMD or SMT LED bulbs.

These four steps are so easy, is that right? So, now you can find what you exactly wanted, hoping you choose the most suitable LED interior lights.