LED lighting combined with intelligent control applied to gr
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With the progress of urbanization is exp

With the progress of urbanization is expected to "second five" late urbanization rate will be more than half of the new construction area of ​​40 to 50 million square meters, and more than 20% of new buildings will meet green building standards, and green buildingpoint demands is a big saving lighting and electrical. China's LED lighting industry can seize this opportunity, LED lighting can have any combination of concentrated light, flexible control, colorful realistic characteristics, combined with intelligent control LED energy-saving effect is more play. These are the Green Building desired lighting requirements.

Welfare policy

Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary [2013] No. 188 "semiconductor lighting energy industry planning" mentioned in the text: the gradual increase financial subsidies to LED lighting products promotion efforts. In the commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and government offices, public lighting and other fields, focusing on LED downlights, spotlights and other indoor lighting products and systems demonstration application and promotion. Timely access to home lighting. In the outdoor lighting field, focus on LED tunnel lights, street lamps and other products and systems application of the model.

In the Construction Division [2012] No. 72 "" second five "special plan for building energy-saving" is mentioned, actively implement green lighting demonstration project to encourage local conditions of the use of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources for the city to provide electricity for lighting in public areas, expansion of solar photovoltaic, wind and solar lighting applications scale. Conform to requirements, national three ministries last year organized a 2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project tender.

Standards promulgated

Industry development requires not only the market's desire, but also because there is a standard product specification. Currently, the "architectural lighting design standards" B50034, "semiconductor lighting application energy evaluation technical requirements (2012 edition)" has been completed, "LED indoor lighting applications technical requirements", "LED road lighting application technology requirements" has started the preparation, and the new "architectural lighting design standards" B50034 added LED products for indoor technical requirements, including the selection of similar color tolerance between the light source should be less than 5SDCM; long to work or stay room or place, the color temperature is not higher than 4000K; in the life of the LED chromaticity coordinates and the original values ​​in the CIE1976 chromaticity diagram, not more than 0.007; LED lamps in more than 10% of the peak intensity in different directions within the region of chromaticity coordinates on the expected ratio of the weighted mean goods CIE1976 diagram deviation should not exceed 0.004


LED lighting in indoor lighting applications has a bright future, which is in the LED lighting products meet the relevant performance indicators premise, LED applications and interior to meet the following conditions: CRI is not less than 80; less glare (glare guaranteed to meet the requirements must limit the lamp surface brightness); Color temperature not too high (standard color temperature not higher than 4000K); want to restrict color tolerance (standard color tolerance should be less than 5SDCM), such as the U.S. DOE released a new solid-state lighting manufacturing R & D roadmap requirements 2015 from 7SDCM to 4SDCM. Lamps best low brightness, high wide pass, resulting in even and soft light source. Of course, the most important thing is to ensure stable performance, consistent and acceptable price.

LED lighting enterprises should seize the opportunity to Know innovation is the fundamental development of LED lighting that mimics traditional lighting products can not play the advantages of LED. Good and stable performance to meet the lighting needs, and to meet the user's acceptance need a reasonable price. Develop LED indoor lighting product development ideas, to seize the product innovation, design innovation, avoid blind imitation, quick success, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry.