China LED lighting will completely solve the price problem w
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Pushing for years because the high cost o

Pushing for years because the high cost of LED lighting , has been used in
the medical and hospitality lighting where needed 24 hours as well as street
lighting and other areas for a long time , due to price reasons other areas
have been unable to scale to enter. However, the next two years could be a
turning point .
    " 2012 LED lighting prices very fast, which makes LED lighting is rapidly
into various applications ." In 2012 on the occasion of the Hong Kong Lighting
Fair , NXP Semiconductors (NXP) lighting products in Greater China marketing
director Yongbin analyzed, " also, we found a new trend , that is, non -dimmable
LED lighting products popular with Asians like , including developed countries
such as Japan and South Korea are also favored non-dimmable product, which may be
related to use habits. Westerners prefer dimmer lighting . " this LED industry is
a good news, because the present situation, the price of non-dimmable IC IC for
dimmable than half the price , while the IC is still accounted for the entire cost
of most LED lamps important part. Yongbin then added: "We found another trend is
the continued LED bulb and lamp series , the LED lamps will start the next two
years to become mainstream demand ." So, the next two years , NXP Semiconductors
programs and other LED Manufacturers will focus on non-dimmable lighting market
with high-power , because the Asian region's growth potential.
    In addition to these trends , the Yongbin also specifically disclose the current
lighting manufacturers for power factor requirements are high, because a number of
countries including China, specifically requested certain lighting FP is greater than
0.9 , and the compliance of the products will be subsidized. "For example, in China 's
energy-saving projects bidding, greater than 0.9 for FP products plus two points ,
and the Chinese government also gives a quack , while in Europe there are also Energy
Star requirements, when the illumination power greater than 25W , FP must be greater
than 0.9 . " he pointed out that some IC manufacturers scenario, to achieve high power
factor needed to control the realization from the outside , which will increase costs,
and NXP can be achieved from the chip , not only to facilitate the design, and also
reduces the cost of . "For example SSL2109A controller , thanks to a dedicated circuit ,
FP can achieve greater than 0.9 , the surrounding less design is simple and convenient ."
He cited the road.
    Also , another for non- dimmable integrated high voltage MOSFET product line SSL21081
(A) / 83 (A), high integration, small peripheral components require only 14 , the overall
lower cost, while due to the integrated MOSFET, efficiency more than 95% . However, the
current FP of this program can do more than 0.7 . "SSL21081 (A) / 83 (A) to achieve a 5%
current accuracy control of output and 95 % efficiency , fully protective function and
built-in flexible and reliable features , to ensure the lowest cost system components ,
users welcome the Asian region , will be the flagship product of the next two years .
" he explained , not all IC companies can be integrated into the high-voltage MOSFET
controller , NXP SOI due to high voltage insulation technology , can achieve good heat
dissipation, integrated high-voltage MOSFET to achieve efficient lighting. For some
companies the integrated 750V MOSFET, which integrates a 600V NXP only the MOSFET,
Yongbin explained , from the current and near term, integrated 600VMOSFET sufficient ,
is bringing more waste and costs.
    And for the next two years will become the mainstream of high- power LED lighting
market , NXP severe the Hong Kong exhibition launched SSL4120, which is an integrated
power factor correction (PFC) of GreenChip? Half-bridge resonant controller that
supports up to 400W high power LED applications , and is currently in volume
production , samples were also forthcoming . SSL4120 mains fully supported applications,
support directly from the rectified universal mains voltage range of 90-305 volts
efficient start . In addition , it supports less than 10 % of the low total harmonic
distortion (THD), high power factor greater than 0.97 (PF) and a typical PFC frequency
of 380 kHz , to meet and exceed the high-power LED lighting applications traditional
requirements. SSL4120 can be widely used in high power LED applications , such as
office lighting, commercial lighting, high bay and low bay lighting , parking lot
lighting , square lighting and street lighting.
    Currently on the market for single-stage and two LED driver architecture
confrontation Yongbin representation , NXP is a single- stage architecture defenders .
The following main reasons : First, in a single stage on NXP long period of accumulation
and advantages ; Second, a single-stage controller can be integrated high-voltage MOSFET
; Three is a single-stage -to-use , convenient design , customers only need two weeks
can successfully developed ; four is a single-stage cost advantage, dual-stage single-
level BOM BOM expensive than about 10-15 % .
    Turning finally to some lighting manufacturers to do their own research and
development of vertically integrated driver IC / Part trends Yongbin think this is
just a temporary phenomenon and will not become mainstream. "Do lighting electronics
company is still very difficult to do in the future or will the division of professional
and do -driven portion independent ." His personal view .