2014 LED market analysis
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Looking back in 2013 , the development o

Looking back in 2013 , the development of LED industry is a rainbow with rain accompanied with the beauty and thorns . With the global moratorium after another sport incandescent , LED tide voice gradually replaced from the market to pick up the pace after another, many companies also Eight Immortals recount : Some sweeping into the shop channel , some drastic completed mergers and acquisitions, and some mustering pull its weight to fight technology , the bigger , Hengqiang trend becoming increasingly apparent.
However, with the sharp decline of the LED chip and packaging costs , LED lighting price trend will become increasingly clear that the survival of enterprises increasing pressure , income does not increase profits , the risk of bankruptcy is also lingering. Against the current row behind. Opportunities and challenges are always the same in how the "left " counter-attack as " winner ", the key lies in the LED industry trends judgment.
Outlook 2014, LED industry can take advantage usher opener ? What most anticipated industry growth prospects ? Market crisis and turn in what ? To help the industry to better open up industrial development context, global market research firm TrendForce 's Green Energy Division LEDinside special locking December 19, 2013 , will hold the annual market analysis chief adviser to the exclusive perspective depth analysis of the first LED industry Quotes and predict the future direction of the market trends to help you answer the maze , make appropriate business decisions , ushered open the door down !
Chance favors the prepared mind is always the pioneer , before a new round of industrial storm coming , are you ready ? December 19, 2013 , LEDinside chief adviser market analysis will provide you with an excellent opportunity to communicate with the industry VIP 's . All are welcome to join the festivities advanced common delineation 2014 industry " Nothing in the world ."