New record about LED from Nichia
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The company Nichia in August released to

The company Nichia in August released to the public about the new laboratrních the records of achievements this year in January .
Japanese researchers in the lab managed to produce white LED with a record efficiency of 249 lm / W. This value is approaching the theoretical maximum that white light is around 300 lumens per watt. This record was achieved when the power light-emitting diode current of 20mA at which the luminous flux was 14.4 lumen. The area used light chip was 0.2 mm2 .
The same technology has been manufactured chip and flat- 1mm2, which produced a luminous flux of 203 lumens at 350 mA power supply and the efficiency of 183 lm / W. It is already slightly below February's record from the American manufacturer Cree ( chip area used by the Cree record is not known) .
Nichia LED 's record
Changes in the internal structure of the light chip was achieved by increasing the external quantum efficiency.
In the third experiment were involved in four of these powerful light chips in series with the power supply 1000 mA to achieve 1913 lumens luminous flux at an efficiency of 135 lm / W. This is roughly twice the value against today's commercially available čtyřčipovým LED Cree MC- E and SSC P7.
The placing similarly efficient LED into mass production unfortunately a few more years to wait .