2013 popular indoor LED fluorescent tube lighting mall
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Inquiries revealed, China LED lamps mall

Inquiries revealed, China LED lamps mall planning to sell up to 10 billion
yuan in 2012 (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan , the same below ) , compared
with 5.2 billion yuan in 2011 increased by 92%. 2013 LED lamp planning to
sell the mall to reach 16.1 billion yuan . Arcadedemand will continue strong,
but the rate of increase will slow down. It is estimated that in 2017 , LED
lamps will reach 44.5 billion yuan plan to sell the mall .

Quote LED lamp is still an important factor in the impact of the implementation
of the mall , the first quarter of 2013, China LED Tube quote reduce shake
downs greater uniformity decline of 9 % -14 % or so. During the high-end LED
fluorescent tube uniform lower downs largest and highest decline to reach 13.4%.
In 2835 the production of LED fluorescent tube light source , for example, even
beyond the 11 percent decline , a decline in the high-end commodities is 13 %.
LED fluorescent tube along the mall rapid increase in demand for LED lighting
continue to reduce sources quoted , LED fluorescent tubes offer will continue to
decline, but reduces space is limited . There query reports that the first half
of 2013 , Chinese white LED chips showing a decline of less gentle quote malls
white LED chip demand tough two major trends , constraints LED lighting continues
to offer greatly reduced. But all the power of the light source emitting steadily
improved, making use of lamp beads cut the number estimated in 2013 the annual
China LED fluorescent tubes offer will exceed 30 percent year on year decline .
Future years , commercial LED lighting is one of the mall will remain the primary
battlefield. LED products continue to reduce operating costs and post- offer
considerations make more and more businesses use LED lighting products automatically
follow the gradual glowing LED commercial lighting , home lighting , and launched a
huge mall , LED lamps mall demand will continue strong, but increase the speed will
slow down . Together , civil lighting fast start in 2013 launched , LED lamp domestic
shipments beginning volume increases, the estimated annual rate of increase in LED
lamp shipments will exceed 100 percent . Followed by continued strong LED commercial
lighting shopping malls , plus a huge home lighting in the mall to launch , insiders
estimate that the next five years to increase the number of LED lamps sell rate will
remain above 33% , the rate of increase will remain planning to sell the mall in more
than 20% , to 2017 , LED lamps will reach 44.5 billion yuan plan to sell the mall .
Large shopping malls and lively demand in commercial lighting
"Compared with the same period last year , an increase over the first six lamp kit to
sell about 50% ." Shenzhen Xing Rui Jia Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional
development and production of all kinds of plastic extrusion products manufacturers,
Yao Bo , director of the mall company showed that an estimated 2013 full-year rate of
increase will stick to this .
Jia Xing Rui currently only concentrate on LED lamp kit , with Chau Ming , Bo lions,
and other large customers through the Cape , to produce 900,000 units in 2012, the sale
of $ million.
" Jia Rui Xing policy is the result of three years of trying to do the best LED lamps
kits nationwide company ." Yao Bo thought , every company has a center from the center
of goods and competitiveness, Jia-Rui Xing only do the package , but will not enter the
mall lighting products .
Future years, commercial lighting will remain one of the main battlefield of the mall
LED lighting. LED products offer capital to continue to reduce lighting energy consumption
considerations and making more and more businesses start automatically replace the
selection and application of LED lighting products . As the primary lamp package data ,
which will follow the mall lamp rapid sale of a substantial increase in volume and showed
a trend .