LED industry to double annual output to rise into a one-way
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Continued growth in demand -side driven

Continued growth in demand -side driven LED lighting industry into a one-way upward channel . According to the domestic LED experts predict that the fourth quarter of this year, the overall LED industry output will grow by about 20 percent , the annual output value of LED interior lighting will be an increase of 110% from last year. Although the LED interior lighting output base in year after year, while research firm LEDinside predicts LED lighting product shipments next year will reach 1.32 billion , up 68 % over the year .
LED enterprise revenue China Taiwan region , has always been a rising trend indicator LED industry , although November is low season in the traditional sense , but Everlight , Ronda , Lite and other companies have emerged revenues gratifying trend.
Everlight November revenues of NT $ 2.26 billion , a slight increase compared to October , and an increase of as much as 52.8% , benefiting from orders lighting and backlighting , the company's November sales in previous years, a small diving situation changed , and 12 monthly shipments are expected to be not less than in November . The Lunda electronic November revenues of NT $ 1.17 billion , compared with 10.1% in October to improve . Ronda said orders to benefit from the laptop back to temperature, the Korean mobile phone maker flash and increased demand for TV backlight , backlight products shipped to the company's significant growth ; in lighting , Lunda expects its COB integrated in lighting packaging products is expected to grow more than three times the next year .
Features highlight the advantages of LED lighting products , from recent technical development trend , the light source efficiency can already reach 200lm / w or more, and the price end of the market has continued to decline lighting products , Osram, Cree and other company's products have been reduced to around $ 10, while the same brand of energy-saving lamps price is about $ 5 , taking into account the great differences in life , LED lamps actual cost is cheaper than ordinary energy-saving lamps .
10 evening , announce Jiawei shares with overseas companies signed a $ 120 million purchase and sales contracts LED lighting products , LED lighting products will be even more rapid progress is another evidence. With the ban incandescent period of time in 2017 worldwide approaching , LED lighting gradually into the outbreak .
Nata has independent intellectual property rights of high-purity metal organic (MO source ) , is the only source to achieve industrialization MO enterprises , accounting for about 25 % of global production capacity . With the domestic MOCVD capacity utilization , the company 's main products trimethyl gallium (TMG) sharp rebound in demand , and new product trimethyl indium (TMIn), diethyl gallium (CMGa) has been obtained CREE, Philips , Osram certification or send samples into the international supply chain will allow customers to bring the outbreak of the company's revenue growth .
Sunshine Lighting is the leading energy-saving lamp enterprises, the company 's market channels and brand advantages are clear , you can seamlessly migrate to the new LED lighting business. Interim LED revenues this year reached 400 million yuan , according to brokerage analysts predict that LED revenues this year may exceed 900 million yuan .
BDO Runda from 2009 began the transition to the LED strategic center , the company commissioned by MOCVD machine and a strong stake in NVC , clutching " chip applications ," smiling curve ends , due to reduced government subsidies , the company this year, the results will be decreased greatly . On the LED chip production, the company has nearly 100 sets of MOCVD equipment, with the outbreak of the global LED lighting market , the company through technology upgrading to improve product competitiveness , income growth is expected to maintain a higher level.