Philips elaborate new trend of the LED lighting future
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Leading global lighting Philips LED Ligh

Leading global lighting Philips LED Lighting Taiwan published a new trend in the future will be towards wisdom wireless control lighting to iOS and Andriod smart phone system can be radio -controlled LED lighting system .
Philips recently the first quarter of 2014 is expected to be listed in Hue, the mood can change color LED wireless remote control ceiling and has been listed Dynalite, the concept of "wireless" smart Philips presents innovative ideas , so LED lighting situation presents more possibilities .
Bo Jiansheng , general manager of Philips Taiwan pointed out that strengthening LED smart lighting controls , LED lighting is the trend of the times, the lighting will completely subvert the people 's imagination , used in the home , shop or commercial space , not only energy- saving environmental protection , but also sufficient to show LED lighting in the context of shaping a great advantage.
He said that Philips introduced directly interact with people OLED Mirror, mirror distance is ordinary face , close look at both the lighting becomes a mirror. Another is to just get 2013 Asia's most influential design award geometric ceiling double circle , the circle concept from the East Asian family day home lighting needs for conceptual design of LED lamps, LED light source can produce only positive round compact halo offers bright , according to the scattering of light without glare and the next photo , and easily dimming , so home-style concise fashion .