Trend analysis of LED lighting fluorescent tubes mall good p
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LED manufacturers are actively adding out

LED manufacturers are actively adding output LED lighting product , during a year, has
just launched a product --- LED Fluorescent (FL) Tube --- has been output range.
According to NPD DisplaySearch latest statement LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report,
LED lamp 2013 international mall share will reach 6% in 2016 and will rise to 22.3 %.
FL lamp output in 2013 will be 23,000 ten thousand , in 2016 is estimated to increase
to 79,100 ten thousand .

NPD DisplaySearch LED analyst Steven Sher indicate : "LED lighting provides a different
and lighting equipment , decreased energy consumption and useful area in particular the
lack of electricity , LED lamp will be very able to get across , and LED lighting
equipment will be widely around the world. application .

"In Japan , the U.S. and Europe LED FL lamp output continue to add . As malls newborns ,
LED FL obviously not the top pick of consumers , but it's still growing mall reasons
are the following:
LED FL lamps are considered green products , due to its production process does not
use mercury.
LED FL lamps can save 50 % power factor between 0.9-0.99 while only 0.7 T8 FL .
Use good life LED FL lamp T8 FL, is estimated to be 5 years or 30,000 hours.
LED FL replacement lamp is suitable or basement units now use old lamp , as these areas
often need 24 hours lights , energy saving is essential.
Prior to occur on a large LED FL lamp radiation viewpoints and color quality questions
have been addressed . But the challenge remains, especially the high cost of a doubt,
this has become the primary questions will be introduced into the old lamp LED FL lamp
alternatives facing the process , because the old lamp actually lower offer. However,
LED manufacturers are trying to reduce the difference between the two quotes . One
approach is to plan a product suitable for most of the power LED lighting modules .
In 2013 , some of the power module manufacturers planning a new supply of goods to the
MR-16, A-Lamp and LED FL lamp use , making the cost of these commodities fell by 10 %.
Sher remedy : "The mall is now available on many different types of LED FL tubes
containing different shapes, rated power , length, color and lighting characteristics
but due to the lack of standardized criteria to clarify difficult for consumers
accurate. since one needs to select the most suitable product . "
NPD DisplaySearch LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report is not the same statement
by region , brand , skills and operational analysis of LED lighting in the form of
shopping malls . The statement also provides industry -specific analysis of the supply
chain , order , branded goods trends.