Halogen contra LED spotlight : be careful with comparisons !
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Halogen contra LED spotlight : be carefu

Halogen contra LED spotlight : be careful with comparisons !
XLed Steinel Home 1
The LED outdoor spotlight " XLed Home 1" by Steinel - already been topic in this blog. ( Photo: Steinel -PR)
Can a 15 watt high-power LED outdoor spotlight with almost 800 lumens actually replace a 150 -watt halogen lamp ( 2400 lumens) ?
This absurd sounding question I've always answered in the case of Steinel " XLed Home 1" in this blog with a resounding " No! " Whenever these LED "Sensor light" at the hardware store chains toom and OBI or the electronic senders ELV under this Vergleichsmaßgabe and accordingly the alleged " 90 % energy savings " was offered. A corresponding demand for ELV remained unanswered for two months , but was meanwhile from there apparently to the manufacturer. Yesterday I received an email that is directly from the Steinel Sales Management :
With reference to your article in Fast Voice blog ... we would like to respond and you provide the following argument ( See attached file: argumentation Guide XLED Home 1 vs 150W Halogen.doc ) . In case of any clarification , please contact our Product Management course at your disposal .
This " argument Guide " ( 1:1 implemented here as a pdf file ) includes a brief on A4 page very briefly the points that speak loudly Steinel sales that the 14.8 -watt LED spotlight , a 150 - watt halogen lamp could replace . I'm trying times , to formulate the main lines of argument .
The lumen - measuring method
When comparing with halogen spotlights must Steinel , are taken into account , that LED lights have a different directional characteristics . They beamed directly forward , did not require a reflector as the omni- halogen tubes and would have less losses. When comparing the luminous flux must pay attention to the right kind of measurement, since three ways to determine the lumen value are possible :
The theoretical maximum luminous flux of the LEDs without taking into account any losses
The luminous flux of LEDs when installed without hood - ie without considering the losses through the cover , but with inclusion of the losses due to power supply and case
The luminous flux of the entire system including hood and thus the actual lumen value which is relevant for the customer
Steinel always give only the ascertained at the last point value ( at the " XLed Home 1 " that are loud Steinel 779 lumens , according to ELV [ see brochure excerpt below] only 720 ) , so probably used for comparison conventional bulbs also in unassembled condition with all losses are assessed and not the product named in many comparative tables maximum or optimum luminous flux. As far as I find the argument absolutely okay.
A " sense of halogen"
But otherwise sounds of " reasoning Guide " something adventurous : Whatever information, such as lumens , candela or lux, which " end consumers do nothing " could be a clue for the benefit of the product must be given . A " sense of 150/500W halogen" is available at the customer; feedback (about the reviews at Amazon) show satisfaction with the radiator and that the " benefit fulfilled compared to 150W halogen , partially met " will .
Steinel recommends the partners nevertheless , instead of " equivalent 150W halogen " (that 's for example, has described OBI ) better the phrase " replaces 150W Halogen" to use . Curiously, ELV has taken exactly the opposite way . In the summer catalog 2/12 was still " replaces 150 W halogen spotlights " , in the recently shipped advertising brochure (May / June 2012 , excerpt) you read this :
The debate about the usefulness of this assessment would be quickly ended when the Steinel light an LED " bulb " or - " candle " with " unfocused light " and would not spotlight with 120 degree lighting angle . For then would have under EU Regulation 244/2009 , the required light output of the LED lamp about 14 % is an appropriate bulb over and equating of 779 lumens with a 150W halogen bulb ( 2,400 lumens) would simply be unreasonable and prohibited. For spotlights with directivity but there are no such requirements in Regulation - in principle can therefore in claim what he wants each manufacturer .
How clueless is the clientele ?
Meanwhile, however, should at least have gotten around in some of the bulbs buyers that you can not LED lamps and luminaires - as used to be the "light bulb " - according to the wattage buys , but , according to the intended location , especially on the brightness , color temperature , beam angle ( concentration of light ) and color fidelity. The Steinel conjecture that consumers could not do anything with the lumen value is not just a contempt for the customers , but also thwarts the statutory requirement that the " energy saving " bulbs packaging since September 2010 always and necessarily the luminous flux in lumens must be specified.
I know an Austrian LED lamp manufacturer on whose boxes of the lumen value greater than all other information will be printed - the wattage is , however, at least four times smaller. Do you think that makes out just for the heck ? No, holding his customers not stupid.
Two additional arguments
That the Steinel " XLed Home 1 'can really replace a 150 -watt halogen lamps in many cases , I think the way is quite possible - because of two arguments , the Steinel itself does not cites : The cold white , daylight-like color temperature of 170 single LEDs of 6700 Kelvin appears in comparison to a "warm - white " halogen lamp with around 3,000 Kelvin blindingly bright - even with weaker lumen value . In many yard and garage entrances , stairways and doors , where 150W halogen outdoor heaters are mounted , it really would not need this enormous brightness , half of it would do so - or the considerably more energy-efficient " XLed Home 1 " .
And if it then it may be a bit more , I can put my special and very affordable outdoor LED spotlight - tip to the heart or for a few euros more a new model of Steinel . For fair "light & building " the East Westphalia have namely the here presented in April - with a suggested retail price of 159 euros in black or white and 169 euros in silver :
Steinel XLed Home 3
Produced with 18 Watt 1426 Lumens: The brand new LED outdoor spotlight " XLED Home 3" by Steinel - is from June in " well-stocked hardware stores " be available . ( Photo: Steinel -PR)
If I counted correctly , there are the " XLED Home 3" now 330 (instead of 170) Individual LEDs with an efficiency of just over 80 lumens per watt. The 1,400 lumens are calculated in the performance class of a 100W high-voltage halogen lamp , according Steinel press release shall they correspond to the " brightness of a 300 watt halogen bulb ." The reasoning basis for this comparison, you 've come to expect .