Shenzhen will dominate LED tubes trading in 2014
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In recent years , LED as a new energy so

In recent years , LED as a new energy source , the development is very rapid . LED fluorescent tube lighting products for indoor applications as more important member , has become a powerful weapon in the fight for market .

It is reported that the market for LED lamps commonly used semi- plastic semi- aluminum material , and Foshan Lighting unique patented design of the core crystal series lamps biggest selling point is the use of all-glass material, compared to traditional aluminum and lighter compared to the plastic material more beautiful, not aging, superior performance significantly . Meanwhile , crystal series with the lamp phosphor light, softer light effects , other PC products are used matte material technology , the lighting effects are significant differences . 320 -degree wide-angle is also unique selling crystal products , and the price is reasonable, businesses have gained unanimous recognition.

It is reported that after the completion of the new plant , Foshan Lighting , LEDT8 daylight Foshan Lighting glass production capacity has more than 1 million / month. Industry veteran said , is expected within three years , Foshan Lighting LED output will continue to ensure that the status of the industry leaders .

It is understood that , in 2014 , Foshan Lighting LED fluorescent tube sales in terms of big changes​​, under the premise of quality assurance professionals , shocking prices will cause great concern outside the industry . Following the bulb, according to the Buddha series crystal lamp big move will be to re-establish the industry benchmark and standards, giving consumers more affordable , and let the market clearer pattern , which can promote the overall industry.