Upgrading Your Motorcycle Bulbs Also Upgrades Your Safety
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As motorcyclists we are beset by a numbe

As motorcyclists we are beset by a number of challenges, however two in particular can prove deadly if they are not overcome. You'd be surprised how these issues, particularly the latter contribute to a vast number of motorcycle related accidents each year. Fortunately both are easy to fix. For example, many motorcyclists choose to replace their motorcycle indicator bulbs with LED motorcycle indicators. 

As with most products, motorcycles are built down to a price, which typically means that OEM headlights and bulbs are just enough to pass the minimum standards set out by law. As a result, more of than not, they just don't deliver the performance that we as owners expect.

Standard motorcycle headlights bulbs are often the most noticeable culprit. fortunately there a vast array of upgrades and conversions available on the market today. From long life bulbs, to those filled with xenon gas, nearly all aftermarket bulbs offer some degree of improvement over their OEM counterparts. 

During daylight hours, motorcycle indicators can often be hard for other road users to see. Their positioning, combined with thick plastic lens and low power bulbs doesn't help either. Fortunately LED indicators have come on a long way since their introduction a decade ago. They are now brighter and easier to fit than ever before. 

LED brake lights, and sidelights are also available, again these are much brighter than standard bulbs, and are a direct swap. For a good set, expect to pay around £10-15 per bulb.

Additionally, though a complete new set of bulbs for your motorcycle might appear expensive, they will often have double the life of traditional bulbs, or in the case of LEDs, last a lifetime. In case of emergency danger, you’d better update your motorcycle bulbs into LED bulbs.