LED rope lights decorating your life
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In daily life, you can see many beautiful

In daily life, you can see many beautiful rope lights and string lights in street and huge buildings, they looked so beautiful when they shining in the dark. These LED rope lights decorated our city, give us more dream spaces. You can use these charming LED rope light to decorate your house, your garden and your party, it seems like attractive, you can try to add more color into your boring life, by the way, it is easy. 

Because LED rope lights are enclosed inside a protective casing, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor occasions. The best feature of our rope lights is that they can be cut to within 18 inches of the length you need for your project. Christmas Light Source offers several different diameters and choice of colors of plastic neon rope lighting options.

Holiday light displays, such as Santa, sleigh, and reindeer, the outdoor Nativity, Christmas trees, elves, angels, stars, and snowmen, are all quickly transformed into a grand illumination when wrapped and accented with rope lights. Given our excellent choices of rope light colors, you'll have no problem matching your Christmas decorations.

Rope lights softly illuminate the top of an empty cabinet space to show off collectibles or simply to add warmth to the kitchen, dining room, or den.

Rope lights are also ideal for creating shapes, words, or pictures on the side of your home, garage door, tool shed, or barn since they tend to tangle less than traditional strands of lights and they have a smooth, even appearance.

Bookshelves are charming when bedecked with rope lights, creating the perfect, relaxing place to catch up on your reading.

Rope lights are simple to install. Simply cut your LED spool (using the pre-marked cut lines) into the lengths you desire for your project. Next, install a power connector on one end of the rope so you'll have power via the power cord.

Lastly, install an end cap and your customized project is complete. It's important to note: if you think you might need more than three custom lengths, be sure to include additional hardware when you order. Christmas Light Source also offers "X" and "Y" splicers and connectors so you'll have everything on hand to complete your lighting display.

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