WS2811 dream color led strip
WS2811 dream color led strip Parameter:

WS2811 dream color led strip

InPut voltage: DC5V
Gray: 256  
Pixel: 32
PCB width: 10mm
LED Qty: 32PCS/m
IC Qty:  32PCS/m
Power: 10W/m

1.Vivid color effects, all individual LEDs are red, green and blue 3-in-1 type.
2. With help of the built-in IC on ribbon, the LEDs long life span and color consistency can be maintained. 
3. Long life, light source can last more than 50.000 hours.
4. Easy installation using plastic clip to fix it.
5. Low voltage, safety, stability.
6. Low energy consumption, super-bright LED
7. Resist vibration, free maintenance.
8. Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
9. ECO-friendly, No mercury, no UR and IR.

IP types descriptions:
-- IP20: Nonwaterproof series, with 3M tape adhesive;
-- IP65: Crystal expoxy on the surface of the PCB with 3M tape, against dust,moist;
-- IP67: Full silicone tube waterproof with clips, which is to fix the strips anywhere; 
1.The product is widely used in building outline lights, 
2.entertainment quasi~decorative lighting, 
3.advertisement decorative lighting and so on.