PX T8 LED Tube Light 0.6m 8w
T8 LED Tube Light 0.6m 8w

Product Parameter
Brand: Pinxin
Model: T8
Length: 0.6 m
Encapsulation process: SMD
Flux: 900 (lm)
Input voltage :85-265 (V)
Lamps light efficiency: 100lm / w
Base type: G13
Diameter sizes: T8
LED lamp beads quantity: 48 (pcs)
LED Chip Brand: Epistar / Epistar
CRI: 80
Light Color: Warm white / Natural white / white / cool white
Color temperature :2700-7000 (K) optional
The outer tube Type: Transparent / Milky
Dimmable: Yes / No
Viewing angle: 120 (degrees)
Certification: CE  RoHS
Size: 600 * 26 (mm)
Housing material: Aluminum
IP Rating: IP43
Weight: 356 (g)
Power factor: 0.9
Effective Life: 50000 (H)

LED fluorescent tube is installed, there are two cases,
1. The installation will replace existing fluorescent Remove LED lamp, ballast and starter removed, so that the 220V AC mains LED lamp directly added to the ends. ( EU Common Standard)
2 When the installation will replace existing fluorescent Remove LED lamp, ballast and starter removed, so that the 220V AC mains LED lamp directly added to the same end. (American Standard)

LED Tube light Cover
PC cover roughly divided into the following categories: transparent cover, milky diffusion cover.
Transparent cover: As the name suggests, the transparent cover is transparent PC cover, the cover made ​​out of the lamp can be seen lamp beads, very dazzling, easy to dizziness, humans do not meet the requirements to light. Good light transmission properties can be up to 91% light transmission.
Milky diffusion cover: The housing market also cover most of the manufacturers are used, this translucent shell was generally 83-85%; 83 less light transmittance is not see a spot of light beads.

1 .Green lighting, protection of the Earth
Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor , mercury vapor if broken will evaporate into the atmosphere. However, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury , and LED products do not contain lead, to environmental protection.
2 .Efficient conversion, reduce heat
Traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat , and LED lighting is all the energy is converted to light energy , without causing a waste of energy . Moreover documents, clothing not fade phenomenon .
3 .Quiet and comfortable, no noise
LED lamps do not produce noise, the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion is a good choice . Suitable for libraries , offices and the like occasion.
4 .Soft light, protect your eyes
Traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe . LED lighting is to directly convert alternating current to direct current , no flicker , protect your eyes .
5 .No UV, no mosquitoes
LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light , so not like the traditional lamps, as there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source . Interior will become more clean and sanitary and clean.
6 .Voltage range : 80V-245V
Traditional fluorescent lamp is released through the high-voltage rectifier to light , when the voltage is lowered, you can not light up. The LED lamps in a certain range of voltage can be lit , but also adjust the brightness.
7 .Energy saving, longer life
LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is one-third less traditional fluorescent lamp life is also 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamp , long-term use without the need to replace , reduce labor costs. More difficult to replace the occasion .
8 .Robust, secure , long-term use .
LED lamp body itself rather than using a traditional glass epoxy , more robust, secure , even hit the floor LED will not easily damaged, can be safely used.
9 Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps , LED fluorescent lamp without ballast , no starter, no strobe.
10. Maintenance , frequent switch will not cause any damage.
11. Safe and stable quality can withstand high voltage 4kv low heat dissipation can work at low temperature -30 ℃ 55 ℃.
12. Will not impact on the surrounding environment . No ultraviolet and infrared, no hazardous materials such as mercury, eye protection , and no noise.
13 . Vibration resistance is good, easy to transport.

Sales service
A .Warranty :two years.
B. If the failure can not be ruled out process, please contact the following way maintenance:
◆ warranty period, please contact our customer service center or authorized service point of contact, holding instructions and valid purchase invoice for repair.
◆ over the warranty period, please contact our customer service center or authorized service contact, according to the provisions of charge.
The following cases are not covered by the warranty:
◆ can not issue instructions or invoice.
◆ adapt to unexpected factors or damage caused by improper.
◆ without my permission, to repair the damage caused.
◆ over the warranty period, the repair can be used.
◆ Do not attempt to repair, should be professionals or service center for repairs, otherwise the danger prone