LED lighting industry analysis of several large-scale use
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LED preliminary indication for instrument

LED preliminary indication for instrumentation lighting , and then extended to the
traffic signal lights , to the phenomenon of lighting , automotive lighting and
phone keypad and backlight.

As a green LED light source , which limit the use of poles throughout that time ,
the use of Chinese in the primary field includes LCD backlight , LED downlights and
other industrial use , lighting, vehicle use , mobile phones, show screens.
    LED use in the field throughout , in the future we can be concerned about :
    Top , special lighting. Special lighting has car lights , interior lights,
lighting and other phenomena .
    Second, large -scale LED backlight. LED backlight with power, color restoration ,
long life , low pollution and other interests , but also to show a more beautiful color
gamut of 108% , more and more manufacturers initially developed large -scale LED
backlight. Followed by cooling large scale LED backlight , brightness, uniform light
distribution and reduce the cost of disposal , such as questions , coupled with the
continuous introduction of the implementation of EU environmental standards , large-
scale LED backlight will replace the large- scale LCD CCFL backlight , the mall will
need to far beyond the needs of other areas of the LED , the use of an appropriate
majority of vision .
    LED lighting industry analysis of several large -scale use
    Third, the general lighting . At that time power white LED general lighting market
, not only the face of the luminous power is low, the heat is not good, the cost is
too high-level questions , also face connectivity and LED lighting products , such as
universal standard optical , structural and control formulation . But with the luminous
power and chip packaging technology advances , power white LED will gradually enter the
hotel, business center , high-end commercial office buildings and other commercial applications.
    Fourth , LED full color screen appears . With high relied brightness, long life
and other advantages together , then across the front panel LED to show the use of the
station , banking , securities, hospital . Followed to reduce the cost of advancing
and uniform power LED light , LED full color screen will appear throughout use in
stadiums, concert , Plaza Mayor , railway stations, airports and other places ,
showing weak enhance posture. Because LED use very broad , some time in the future ,
the primary still in backlight, automobile lights and appeared several major semiconductor
lighting to promote the use of open areas .
    In detail : backlight aspect points to open nine inches to 20 inches at show 's
LED backlight, and hurry professional, large-area LED backlight also echoed opened .
Automotive LED lights and show in detail into the open and the parts should use periods.